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February 22 2014


the man who gave me life, die today

Thank you dad for everything for giving me life for teaching me the right and wrong. understand me when i am weak and helping me to stand alone 

Today is the day of joy let us celebrate life and lets celebrate death 

Alfredo A. Gala Sr. 

Catarman Camiguin Island

June 9, 1947 - Feb. 22, 2014  11:00 AM

February 21 2014

life is a matter of acceptance

February 12 2014

its so sad and lonely if i’m not around…. but its lonelier and worst if i can’t give something….

January 29 2014

feel life, love life and enjoy life

November 08 2013

dreams and expectation also have a very dark side of disappointments and frustration
— broken dreams

October 27 2013

daghan ang babaye sa kalibutan pero isa lang ang babae sa akong dughan..
— higugma a lang ko gamay ako na bahala magpadako 

August 26 2013

the more we own… the enslaved we become

July 31 2013

you never know exactly where you’re going next
— don’t die wondering

July 22 2013

holding back what are shattered and tearing back what are confused
— destroy what destroy us

April 13 2013

smile can cost nothing
— it will give delight to those who received by not making poorer to those who gave  …  keep on smiling 

March 11 2013

the cost of living is dying and everybody will pay

March 04 2013


March 02 2013

there will come a day when the distance is so great
— that you will not find the path to return

January 15 2013

small details of your lives are what really matter
— i love you 

January 08 2013

on the day of the LORD, the faithful shall rise… to the place without worries where no one cries..
— to the one i love 

December 22 2012

smile and laugh… and dream all day

December 18 2012


The Same Beer

December is a month of celebration a lot of food and beverage to spent out. friends and folks sharing the good year. Study showed during this month beer and beverage has mass production maybe the word December came from it. Beer month in other terms 

December 13 2012

walang ma iwan na kugmo sa taas na koko
— unlimited mind of thoughts

December 09 2012

last night i had a bad perfect dream of….. you
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