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March 21 2017

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You determine your future by the thoughts and pictures you hold in your mind today. 

You are always free to choose what you do with your life. To make the changes in your future, make new choices today. 

What changes will you make?

happiness is not a result it is a choice

January 24 2017

A house is not a home if there’s no love

December 11 2016

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there’s hell in hello and good in goodbye

June 04 2016

He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life.
— RIP Muhammad Ali. 

August 06 2015

who fuckin’ care about dreams

June 22 2015

garbage can
— sometimes we think that trash are useless 

April 17 2015


January 28 2015

regret is stronger than gratitude…

December 31 2014


Ang Tuig

Ang tuig mo abot ra ga yud sa dili nato bali balihon pipila na lng ka gutlo matapos na pod ning 2014 ato na pod subangon ang 2015 apan sa dili pa nato ni abrehan sa bag on tuig atong mapalandong ang na ulahi na mga katuigan, kung ato ning lantawon pagbalik daw dili nato maisip kung giunsa nato paglatas ato na lang mahunahunaan na ang DIOS gayud ang naguban kanato para kita maka padayun busa ning umaabot na katuigan atong hangyuon pag usab atong makagagahum na DIOS na gi unsa kita pag uban sa 2014 isumpay gihapon niya sa 2015 ang pag uban nato sa adlaw adlaw sa atong pamilya na buhusan gihapon ug panalanggin maayo na panglawas, maayo na kinabuhi labaw sa tanan ang pakinguban sa atong DIOS 

Ang tuig mao kini ang nagtimaan sa atong adlaw natawhan dugang ihap sa atong edad hehehe

Happy New Years to all good health good life GOD BLESS

December 11 2014


Let us abound hope faith and love

Dear GOD

Our loving and merciful father please allow me to be part of the team im trying my best and hoping for it. Let your love shower upon us and forgive our sins we praise you and magnify your name

We ask all these in the name of our Lord JESUS CHRIST our savior


December 08 2014


good vibes make me feel good

December 07 2014

start losing to contact the reality
— listening kabilang mundo by siakol

December 04 2014

— is the hardest things to do, cause nobody  knows  when you’re done..

October 19 2014

ohh let your love come tumbling in

June 29 2014

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Blogging on tumblr can be a tiresome as you scroll down and down and down and only jesus knows where your dashboard is going to end.  . I’m here to tell you about another method most people don’t know about, that is tumblr actually has shortcuts. Like having shortcuts on windows, you just need to know the basics. Here are a few of them:

On your dashboard:

  • J = does down your dashboard
  • K = goes up your dashboard
  • L = likes a post
  • N = expands the notes on a post
  • Shift+R = quickly reblogs a post
  • Shift+E = quickly adds a post to your queue
  • Z+Tab = switch between your main & sideblog
  • Alt+Clicking the reblog icon = quickly reblogs a post
  • Ctrl+Alt+T = re-opens an accidentally closed tab. (Esp. when you see a post you want to reblog but accidentally close the tab)
  • Hover over icon- Ask a question/unfollow/view their likes (unless they dont want the public to see it) and send a fan mail to another blogger.

you can check out more shortcuts on tumblr tips.

There are also some extensions that can help better your blogging experience, the most noticeable one’s are Xkit and q+

The Xkit extension helps you to modify your tumblr dashboard so you’ll have that comfortable experience, while the q+ lets you queue more posts than the regular tumblr queue which is 301. Most people will use tumblr regular queue and q+ because you would be queuing 900 posts together. You can also purchase q+ pro if you want to have infinite queues.

Last but not least, many tumblr bloggers have seen this button, either they know how to use it or they have no knowledge on what it does

This button here lets you share posts on other social networking sites such as twitter and facebook. some will use this as a way to promote their blog but others will use it to share whats funny and interesting on this website. You can also e-mail something important if its about issues such as politics, gay pride etc. to know whats happening around you.

If you have any questions, you can contact me anytime on my ask box OR my main blog.

Happy blogging.

May 06 2014

as surely as
— we believe on what we do cause there’s more deeper and powerful than what we seen

April 27 2014

to love is NOTHING, to be loved is SOMETHING but to love and to be loved by the one you love,that is EVERYTHING.
—  Never take love for granted.

April 13 2014

riches are not measured by what we have, what we posses or achieved in life but riches and abundance measured by how much we gave…

March 27 2014

time is never time at all we can’t ever leave without leaving a piece of youth and our life may forever change we will never be the same
— the more we change the less we feel

March 11 2014

there’s no such a mistake there’s only a lesson to be learn
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